Bomi County

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Not to be confused with Bomê County.
Bomi County
Bomi Lake
Bomi Lake
Flag of Bomi County
Location in Liberia
Location in Liberia
Coordinates: 6°45′N 10°45′W / 6.750°N 10.750°W / 6.750; -10.750
Country  Liberia
Capital Tubmanburg
Districts Dewoin District
Klay District
Mecca District
Senjeh District
Established 1984
 • Superintendent Haja Washington
 • Total 1,932 km2 (746 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Total 84,119
 • Density 42.2/km2 (109/sq mi)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
ISO 3166 code LR-BM

Bomi is a county in the northwestern portion of the West African nation of Liberia. One of 15 counties that comprise the first-level of administrative division in the nation, it has four districts. Tubmanburg serves as the capital with the area of the county measuring 1,942 square kilometres (750 sq mi). As of the 2008 Census, it had a population of 82,036, making it the twelfth most populous county in Liberia. From 1822 until the Liberian Declaration of Independence from the American Colonization Society on July 26,1847 some 3,198 ex-slaves and slaves from the Lesser Antilles, who had escape from their slaveholder or born free left the Caribbean islands and came to Liberia with the help and support from the American Colonization Society and other organizations establishment. The ex-caribbean slaves came to Liberia to live a better life, be free and self governmence. The first ex-Caribbean slaves who left the Caribbean islands was from Barbados, Some 500-1,000 ex-Caribbean slaves settlers arrived to Liberia. The second settlers who came from the Caribbean islands was from Trinidad and Tobago some 345 ex-Caribbean slaves, followed by some 620 ex-Caribbean slaves from saint Vincent and the Grenadines, another settlers was from Saint Kitts and Nevis some 350 ex-Caribbean slaves, the last two settlers who left the Caribbean islands was from Grenada some 483 ex-Caribbean slaves, the last group of settlers came from saint Lucia some 400 ex-Caribbean slaves. As job opportunities and Development growth increase the ex-caribbean slaves move through Grand Cape Mount, Bomi, Montserrado County Margibi County and other reigion of Liberia to seek jobs and other opportunities. [1] Bomi is bordered by Grand Cape Mount County to the west, Gbarpolu County to the north, Montserrado County to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.


Bomi is divided into four districts:

Geography and demographics[edit]

Bomi has an area of 755 square miles (2,000 km2) and a density of 36.6 persons per sq. mile.[2]


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Coordinates: 6°45′N 10°45′W / 6.750°N 10.750°W / 6.750; -10.750