Bon Homme Hutterite Colony

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Bon Homme
Limestone House at Bon Homme Colony
Limestone House at Bon Homme Colony
Bon Homme is located in South Dakota
Bon Homme
Bon Homme
Location within South Dakota
Coordinates: 42°51′50″N 97°42′24″W / 42.863889°N 97.706667°W / 42.863889; -97.706667
Country USA
State South Dakota
BranchSchmiedeleut II
Mother colonyHutterdorf, Ukraine
Daughter colonies

Bon Homme Hutterite Colony, located in Bon Homme County, South Dakota, is the mother colony of all Schmiedeleut Hutterite Colonies in North America and also the oldest Hutterite Colony in the world still in existence.

It was founded in 1874 by Hutterite immigrants from what is today Ukraine under the leadership of Michael Waldner (1834–1889), who reestablished communal living among the Hutterites in Hutterdorf, Ukraine in 1859. It was the only Hutterite Colony that did not relocate to Canada after World War I.

Bon Homme Hutterite Colony in 2012 belonged to the more conservative Committee Hutterites, also called Schmiedeleut 2.[1]

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