Bon Savants

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Bon Savants
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genres Indie rock, Shoegaze
Years active 1997-present
Website Official website
Members David Wessel
Kevin Haley
Andrew Dole
Thom Moran

Bon Savants is an American indie rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts.

Consisting of lead singer and guitarist Thom Moran, guitarist Kevin Haley, bassist David Wessel, and drummer Andrew Dole, they have been nominated for two awards in the Boston Music Awards (Best Pop Act and Best Local Male Vocalist).[1]

Although their debut EP Post Rock Defends the Nation suggests a post-rock sound, the band has been classified as shoegaze with a soothing, sweet, literate sound.


The first origins of Bon Savants began with Kevin Haley and Thom Moran in the mid-1990s while living in Frankfurt, Germany. Upon returning to the United States in 1997, they began to record songs about their experiences in post-Cold War Germany. In 2003, bassist David Wessel joined the band, and named themselves the Bon Savants (good scientists in French). While playing small live shows in and around Boston (Moran was and still is a part-time rocket scientist at MIT), they rotated drummers until finally adding the drummer Andrew Dole as a permanent member. They released their first album Post Rock Defends the Nation without a label in 2006. The album was mixed by Bill Racine (who worked with Rogue Wave, Phantom Planet, and The Flaming Lips).[2]


  • Thom Moran (guitar, vocals)
  • Kevin Haley (guitar, vocals)
  • David Wessel (bass)
  • Andrew Dole (drums)
  • Kevin Russi (explosions)
  • Haley Pearson (BMD)




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