Bon Tempe Lake

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Bon Tempe Lake
Bon Tempe lake (294925189).jpg
Location Marin County, California
Coordinates 37°57′21″N 122°36′40″W / 37.95583°N 122.61111°W / 37.95583; -122.61111[1]Coordinates: 37°57′21″N 122°36′40″W / 37.95583°N 122.61111°W / 37.95583; -122.61111[1]
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Lagunitas Creek
Primary outflows Lagunitas Creek
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 718 ft (219 m)

Bon Tempe Lake is a reservoir in Marin County, California. It is the widest lake in the watershed, and on Lagunitas Creek. Beneath its dam is Alpine Lake.[2] Fishing and hiking are activities around the lake. Rainbow trout and both largemouth and smallmouth bass are caught in the lake.

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment released a warning regarding eating fish caught from this lake based on the elevated mercury level.[3]

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