Bonabes, Marquess of Rougé

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Coat of Arms of the House Rougé

Bonabes Jean Catherine Alexis, Marquis de Rougé (23 September 1751 La Bellière - 9 July 1783) was a French colonel, third Marquis de Rougé, died while returning to France from the American War of Independence, on board of the French ship of the line "Le Zele".


He had married Natalie Victurnienne, Marquise de Rougé, née de Rochechouart de Mortemart (1759–1828), on 7 January 1777, in Paris; they had three children:


French nobility
Preceded by
Pierre-François, Marquess of Rougé
Marquis de Rougé
1761 - 1783
Succeeded by
Alexis Bonabes, Marquess of Rougé