Bonanza Peak (Washington)

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Bonanza Peak
Bonanza Peak Washington.jpg
Highest point
Elevation9,516 ft (2,900 m) [1]
Prominence3,711 ft (1,131 m) [1]
Coordinates48°14′18″N 120°51′59″W / 48.238217°N 120.866415°W / 48.238217; -120.866415Coordinates: 48°14′18″N 120°51′59″W / 48.238217°N 120.866415°W / 48.238217; -120.866415[1]
Bonanza Peak is located in Washington (state)
Bonanza Peak
Bonanza Peak
LocationChelan County, Washington, U.S.
Parent rangeNorth Cascades
First ascent1937 by Curtis Ijames and party

Bonanza Peak is a tall peak in the North Cascades in the U.S. state of Washington and the Glacier Peak Wilderness of the Wenatchee National Forest. At 9,516 feet (2,900 m) in elevation, it is the highest point in Chelan County,[1][2] and the highest non-volcanic peak in Washington[3] and the Cascade Range as a whole.[4] Bonanza Peak's prominence is 3,711 feet (1,131 m), making it the 26th most prominent peak in Washington. The nearest higher peak is Glacier Peak, 14.4 miles (23.2 km) to the southwest.[1]

Bonanza Peak is flanked with three large glaciers: Company Glacier to the north, Mary Green Glacier to the east, and Isella Glacier to the south.[5]


Bonanza Peak was originally named North Star Mountain, with a minor mountain to the southwest given the name Bonanza Peak. The USGS' first topographic map of the region in 1904, however, mistakenly interchanged the names and the USGS naming was retained.[6]

Bonanza Peak was first summited in 1937 by Curtis Ijames, Barrie James, and Joe Leuthold, all members of the Mazamas.[6]

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