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Bonnaroo, or Bon-a-roo, is a New Orleans French Creole slang phrase meaning “best on the street.” The phrase is derived from French words "bon à rue", though the phrase does not exist in French. The term may also refer to:

Origins: Jack S. Amador, of Anaheim California

According to Jack the term was first used by long-board surfers on the rugged California Coast in mid to late 1950s.
His claims surrounding the term's meaning are that it was most commonly used as a descriptive for the following:

  • the best waves
  • the coolest surf boards
  • the sharpest torpedo bras (and what fills them) i.e.; "I could motor boat those bonnaroo cones!"
  • the slickest hot rods i.e., "I owned one of those bonnaroo rods, that year it can with..."
  • to act as a substitute for "umm" or a long pause in a conversation, and to appear as bourgeoisie as possible

Jack continues to use this word in conversation to prove himself a master for Frog Artistry.