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Map of Leu sieu

Leu (or Low) sieu (simplified Chinese: 娄宿; traditional Chinese: 婁宿; pinyin: Lóu Xiù) meaning "the Train of a garment", was one of the twenty-eight lunar mansions of the traditional Chinese astronomy. It was one of the White Tiger of the West (西方白虎).

The asterisms in the Region of Leu (婁宿天區)[edit]

Asterism Chinese
Meaning Modern
Number of stars Alternative
Notes Representing
Leu 婁(娄) the Train of a garment Aries 3 天狱[citation needed],
降婁 (降娄)[citation needed],
郁车宫[citation needed]
[2] The lasso which was used to hang the sacrificed animal and the sickle for cutting the harvest
Tso Kang 左更 the Left Watch Aries 5   [3] Forestry manager
Yew Kang 右更 The Right-hand Watch Pisces 5   [4] Livestock manager
Tien Yuen 天倉 (天仓) Heaven's Temporary Granary Cetus 6   [5] Second granary which was used in agriculture and harvesting
Tien Yu 天庾 Heaven's Temporary Granary Fornax 3   [6] Third granary which was used in agriculture and harvesting
Tien Ta Tseang 天大將軍
Heaven's Great General Andromeda
11 天將軍,[7][8]
大將軍[citation needed],
[10] The great general of the heavens and ten subordinate officers


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