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Not to be confused with Bondebladet (weekly), the current weekly newspaper.

Bondebladet was a Norwegian newspaper published in Voss and Bergen in Hordaland county.

History and profile[edit]

Bondebladet was started on 4 March 1914 as an organ for farmers. The paper also supported Landsmål. Already in June 1915 it absorbed Vestlandsbonden. It was first published weekly, then from 1919 three days a week. It was a local newspaper with special care for farmers, but became a regional newspaper in 1921 and a newspaper for the whole Western Norway in 1922. At the same time it was moved to Bergen, became a daily newspaper, and became affiliated with the newly founded Agrarian Party. It did not cope with its own ambitious goals, and went defunct after its last issue on 6 December 1935.[1]


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