Bonded Parallels

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Bonded Parallels
Directed by Hovhannes Galstyan
Produced by Gevorg Gevorgyan
Jean-Marie Delbary
Hovhannes Galstyan
Marie-Anne Le Metayer-Djivelekian
Olivier Oursel
Trond Brede Andersen
Written by Hovhannes Galstyan
Starring Siri Helene Müller
Laurence Ritter
Sos Janibekyan
Serge Avedikian
Music by Vahagn Hayrapetyan
Cinematography Rouben Gasparyan
Release date
  • 23 June 2009 (2009-06-23) (MIFF)
  • 15 July 2009 (2009-07-15) (Armenia)
Running time
91 minutes
Country Armenia
Language Armenian

Bonded Parallels (Armenian: Խճճված զուգահեռներ) is a 2009 film written and directed by Armenian filmmaker Hovhannes Galstyan. This film deals with two stories which take place at different times and linked by the birth of the protagonist, the daughter, and the death of the second main character, the mother. The destiny of these two heroines has been influenced by the true story of an Armenian soldier during World War II in Norway and by director's personal history.


Norway, World War II. Hanna, whose husband Henrik participates in the resistance movement, gives temporary asylum to a prisoner of war, Arakel, by hiding him in her house in northern Norway. The presence of this stranger changes Hanna's life, and she starts writing about her mixed feelings in her diary.

Soviet Union, Armenia, 1988. Laura, 42, a single and fiercely independent math-teacher, lives a quiet and isolated life in Yerevan. It seems that nothing can change her rigidly ordered daily routine until she receives the diary of her mother, who died while giving birth to her. As Laura learns about her parents' story for the first time - a love story of desperation, loss and primal passion - she begins to experience a parallel story of forbidden love in her own life.


2003-2004 - Project Developed by AVANTI: Training program for South Caucasus Filmmakers implemented by FOCAL and funded by SDC-Swiss Development Agency. 2004 – Co-production Agreement with HAYFILM (Armenian State studio) 2005: July – October - Shooting the Armenian part of Bonded Parallels. 2006 – Contribution from Norwegian Film Fund for commencement of shootings in Norway. 2006: July - Co-production Agreement with ORIGINAL FILM AS (co-producer, Norway) 2006: July - Shooting the Norwegian part of Bonded Parallels. 2006: Oct. - Contribution from Hubert Bals Fund towards the post-production. 2006: Nov. – Memo Deal with Quasar Pictures (co-producer, France) 2008: May- Additional contribution from SDC-Swiss Development Agency. 2009: March – Contribution from Armenian Ministry of Culture 2009: May – Contribution from Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2009: May – Contribution from Distribution company "Paradise" 2009: June – Distribution Agreement with the Russian Distribution Company "Paradise". 2009: June - Production completed.

Festivals participation[edit]

2009, June, 23 The World premiere in official program of 31st Moscow International Film Festival. Perspectives Competition 2009, July Golden Apricot IFF, Yerevan, Armenia, International Competition 2009, September NUR (Pomegranate) International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, GALA Film and International Competition 2009, November Promoting Festival-revue of Best Feature Films CIS Countries: CIS: Open Borders, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan 2009, November 2nd International Film Festival "East & West, Classics and Avant-garde", Orenburg, Russia, International Competition 2009, December International Film Festival "Volokolamsky rubej" (Volokolomsk's boundary), Volokolamsk, Russia, International Competition 2010, February 4–6 The European premiere in 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Bright Future program 2010, April The North American Premiere in REMI AWARDS competition of 43rd Annual WORLDFEST-HOUSTON International Film and Video Festival. 2010, April Festival of the Best films of GIS Countries in Europe. Prague, Czech Republic. 2010, May Cannes Film Festival, Market screening. 2010, June Festival of the Best films of GIS Countries in Europe. Vienna, Austria. 2010, September 13 International Film Festival ARPA, Los Angeles, California USA, International Competition 2010, October 34th São Paulo International Film Festival. International Perspectives.


2009, September The 2nd Prize for the Best Feature Film. NUR (Pomegranate) International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. 2009, November Best Actress Prize. Awarded LAURENCE RITTER for the role LAURA at the 2nd International Film Festival "East & West, Classics and Avant-garde", Orenburg, Russia. 2009, December Мedal of the Ministry of Defense of Russia to Film Director Hovhannes Galstyan for the film "Bonded Parallels" "Volokolamsky rubej" (Volokolomsk's boundary), Volokolamsk, Russia 2010, April BEST DRAMATIC FILM – Special Prize Jury of 43rd WORLDFEST-HOUSTON International Film and Video Festival. 2010, September BEST SCRIPT AWARD. 13 International Film Festival ARPA, L-A, California USA,


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