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House of Bondioni
Country Italy
Founded 1600
Founder Giovan Maria Bondioni

House of Bondioni was a most important family for Niardo and Val Camonica. Bondioni is the surname of a family of Italian noble background.


The dynasty was founded by Giovan Maria Bondioni (1600–60), he was a condottiero from Niardo. In 1630 to fight the Landsknecht, Giovanni Maria Bondioni sat at the head of a citizen army to stop the mercenaries sent by Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor.


Tradition says that the family has origins dating back to ancient Greece. The myth has it that it was Diomedes, son of Tydeus and Deipyle, to found the family, after his marriage to Aigialeia.

Notable members[edit]

  • Giovan Maria Bondioni (1600–60), Condottiero of 17th century
  • Pietro Bondioni (1665–1734), cavalry officer of the Venetian troops in the Battle of Vienna in 1638
  • Giovanni Bondioni (1802–75), Major of Niardo in 1830
  • Giovanni Bondioni (1894–1918), Lieutenant of 82º Regiment of Foot "Torino" in World War I