Bone Orchard

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Bone Orchard
Origin Brighton, England
Genres Post punk, gothic rock
Years active 1983–1986
Labels Jungle, Vax
Past members Chrissie McGee
Mark Horse
Troy Tyro
Paul Hendrickson
Mick Finch
Tim Huthert
Ben Tisdall ,/ Adrian Harris

Bone Orchard were a post-punk/gothic rock band from Brighton, England, active between around 1983 and 1986.


The band was formed in 1983 by Chrissie McGee (vocals), Mark Horse (guitar), Troy Tyro (guitar), Paul Hendrickson (bass), and Mick Finch (drums).[1] They played their first gig in April that year in London, and recorded a session for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 programme in June 1983 before releasing a record, subsequently signing to the Jungle label for debut EP Stuffed to the Gills in November that year.[1][2][3] The band drew comparisons with The Birthday Party, with McGee compared to Siouxsie Sioux.[4][5] Finch left, to be replaced on drums by Tim Huthert in early 1984, and the band released a further EP before he left and joined Specimen, he was then replaced by Ben Tisdall, with a single released prior to their debut album, Jack, in September.[1] Tisdall left in 1985,to be replaced with glam punk Adrian Harris, and the band continued with an EP and a critically acclaimed mini-LP, penthouse poultry that year before splitting up.[1]



  • Jack (1984), Jungle - UK Indie #18[6]
  • Penthouse Poultry (mini) (1985), Vax

Singles, EPs[edit]

  • Stuffed to the Gills EP (1983), Jungle
  • Swallowing Havoc EP (1984), Jungle
  • "Jack" (1984), Jungle
  • Princess Epilepsy EP (1985), Jungle


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