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Boner Records
FounderTom Flynn
GenreHardcore punk, heavy metal, punk rock
Country of originUnited States
LocationBerkeley, California
Official website

Boner Records is an American independent record label in Berkeley, California owned by Tom Flynn.[1] It has released recordings by Fang (Flynn's band),[1][2] Verbal Abuse, MDC, Boneless Ones, Duh, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Melvins, The Warlock Pinchers,[3] Hell's Kitchen, and Superconductor.[4]



Buzz Osborne[edit]

Dale Crover[edit]

Joe Preston[edit]


  • Landshark (1982)
  • Where The Wild Things Are (1983)
  • A Mi Ga Sfafas? (1987)
  • Landshark/Where the Wild Thing Are (1989)


  • Metal Devil Cokes: It's The Real Thing (1989)

Verbal Abuse[edit]

  • Rocks Your Liver (1986)

Fearless Iranians from Hell[edit]

  • Fearless Iranians from Hell 7" (1986)
  • Die for Allah (1987)
  • Holy War (1988)
  • Foolish Americans (1990)
  • Foolish Americans/Holy War/Die for Allah CD (1990)

Hell's Kitchen[edit]

  • If You Can't Take The Heat (1988)

Steel Pole Bath Tub[edit]

Milk Cult[edit]

Ed Hall[edit]


The Warlock Pinchers[edit]

Star Pimp[edit]

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