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The term bongo may refer to:



  • Bongo drum, a percussion instrument made up of two small drums attached to each other
  • "Bongo Bongo Bongo I Don't Want to Leave the Congo", an alternative name for the 1947 song "Civilization"
  • "Bongo Bong", a single by Manu Chao from the 2000 album Clandestino
  • Bongo Fury, a Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart album, 1975
  • Bongo flava, a Tanzanian hip hop genre
  • The Bongos, an America pop music band
  • Music Man Bongo, a model of bass guitar
  • Uforo "Bongo 'The Drum GAHD'" Ebong, one half of the production team L&F



Other uses[edit]