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The Bonham Carter family are descendants of John Bonham-Carter (1788–1838), a British Member of Parliament and barrister, and his wife Joanna Maria Smith. The MP was the son of Sir John Carter (before 20 December 1741 – 18 May 1808, Mayor of Portsmouth, and son of John Carter, who was a merchant). He assumed the name Bonham by Royal Licence when he inherited the estates of his cousin Thomas Bonham.[1] Joanna Maria Smith was the daughter of William Smith, the abolitionist MP; her sister Frances was the mother of Florence Nightingale, and her brother Benjamin was the father of Barbara Bodichon and Benjamin Leigh Smith. Most of the Bonham-Carters and their circle belonged to Unitarian churches.

John and Joanna had a daughter, (Joanna) Hilary Bonham-Carter (d.1865), who was an artist and friend of political journalist Harriet Martineau. Hilary's portraits of her cousin Florence are held in the National Portrait Gallery.[2][3]

Prominent members[edit]

Living descendants are omitted, unless they are notable and/or have a separate Wikipedia entry. Each indentation indicates a generation.

The family members include:

  • Esme Mary Maud Bonham Carter (1884–1956), married (1) Basil Murray Tomlinson, married (2) John Selwyn
  • Algernon Bonham Carter (1888–1957), married Myra Foyle
  • Admiral Sir Stuart Sumner Bonham Carter (1889–1972), married Eve Lloyd
  • Thomas Bonham Carter (1819-??)
  • (Joanna) Hilary Bonham Carter (1821–1865)
  • Frances Bonham Carter (1823–1870)
  • Alfred Bonham Carter (1825–1910), married Mary Henrietta Norman
  • Guy Bonham Carter (1884–1915), married Kathleen Arkwright, one son, one daughter
  • Alfred Erskine Bonham Carter (1880–1921), married Margaret Emily Malcolm
  • Peter Malcolm Bonham-Carter (b. 1936), married Clodagh Greenwood
  • Henry Bonham Carter (1827–1921), married Sibella Charlotte Norman
  • Helen Cressida Bonham Carter (1917–1997), married Jasper Ridley (1913–1944)
  • Sir Adam Nicholas Ridley (born 1942), married (1) Lady Katherine Asquith (divorced) and (2) Margaret Anne Passmore, three sons
  • Alice Bonham Carter (1829–1912)
  • Hugh Bonham Carter (1832–1896)
  • Eleanor Bonham Carter (1837–1923)

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