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No.84 Bonham Road
The Chinese Rhenish Church along Bonham Road

Bonham Road (Chinese: 般咸道; Cantonese Yale: bun1 haam4 dou6, also 般含道) is a road in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. The road is a main road connecting Pokfulam Road in the west, near the University of Hong Kong, and Caine Road in the east, at the junction with Hospital Road and Seymour Road. It was named after Sir George Bonham, the third Governor of Hong Kong.[1] It was renamed Nishi-Taisho Dori (西大正通) during Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.


Several historical buildings are located on the road, including Fung Ping Shan building, Hung Hing Ying building and the Main Building of The University of Hong Kong. There are also a few well known schools located on the road, including King's College, St. Paul's College, St. Stephen's Girls College, St. Clare's Primary School, Bonham Road Government Primary School, etc.

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