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The Bonner Scholars Organization is the corporate structure of the Bonner Foundation, founded by Corella and Bertram F. Bonner in 1990. The program provides financial support for those in high need at one of the member colleges in exchange for service. Currently the program supports some 1500 students at 27 campuses.

The program provides scholarship money that allows students who would otherwise be working part-time to invest the same amount of time in community service. The foundation later created the Bonner Leaders program in order to further engage student leaders.[1]

Background on the Leadership and their role in the history of campus-based community service[edit]

The Bonner Foundation was founded by President Wayne Meisel and Vice President Bobby Hackett. Meisel retired at the Bonner Foundation president in 2010. Bobby Hackett currently serves as the organization's president. As recent college graduates, Wayne and Bobby founded the Campus Outreach Opportunity League, a national organization that promotes and supports college student involvement in community service and social action. One of the signature programs of COOL has been its annual national conference on student community service. Although COOL was acquired by in 2004, the conference has continued. In 2007, discontinued its On Campus Programs, what it had acquired through COOL. However, the national conference continues as an independent volunteer-driven effort. The Bonner Foundation and its participating campuses continue to be active participants and contributors to the conference.[2][3]


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