Bonnie's Kids

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Bonnie's Kids
Bonnie's Kids.jpg
Directed byArthur Marks
Produced byCharles Stroud
Written byArthur Marks
StarringTiffany Bolling
Steve Sandor
Robin Mattson
Scott Brady
Alex Rocco
Max Showalter
Lenore Stevens
Leo Gordon
Timothy Brown
Music byCarson Whitsett
CinematographyRobert Charles Wilson
Edited byRichard Greer
Tommy-J Productions
Distributed byGeneral Film Corporation
Release date
  • July 26, 1972 (1972-07-26)
Running time
105 minutes
CountryUnited States

Bonnie's Kids is a 1972 American crime sexploitation film written and directed by Arthur Marks.[1]


Sisters Myra and Ellie Thomas live in Glendora, California, with their abusive stepfather, Charley, who was married to their now-deceased mother, Bonnie. When the stepfather tries to rape the younger Myra, Ellie shoots him with a shotgun. Rather than reporting the death to the authorities, the two sisters flee to Los Angeles to live with their only known relative, a wealthy uncle named Ben Siemen. Unbeknown to Ellie, the uncle soon has her involved in a money-laundering operation, but when she uncovers the nefarious scheme, she double-crosses her uncle and absconds with the money. Ellie then directs Myra to meet her in El Paso, Texas, with plans for them to flee the country. A string of unfortunate deaths ensues as the uncle and his hitmen attempt to retrieve the money.[2]




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