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Bonnie Aarons is an American character actress most known for her role as Demon Nun in the 2016 film, The Conjuring 2.


Aarons attended acting school in New York City, but was frequently told that she would not have an acting career, due to her look and her nose. She found work in Europe doing short films and commercials. Her first American film was 1994's Exit to Eden, portraying a prostitute. She then appeared in the Roger Corman-produced "woman in prison" film, Caged Heat 3000.[1]

Aarons has played small roles in several mainstream horror movies, such as: I Know Who Killed Me, Drag Me to Hell and Mulholland Drive. Her role in The Conjuring 2 brought greater recognition.[2] Aarons told Coma Music Magazine, "I went to an audition. Shooting the movie was a whole lot of fun. I love to entertain people and the demon nun has delivered quite a thrill."[3] She will reprise her role in the spin-off film The Nun.[4]

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