Bonnie Bowman

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Bonnie Bowman
Occupation novelist
Residence Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Period 2000s-present
Notable works Skin, Spaz

Bonnie Bowman is a Canadian writer, who won the Three-Day Novel Contest in 1999[1] and the ReLit Award for Fiction in 2000[2] for her debut novel Skin.

Originally from Toronto, Ontario,[3] Bowman lived for several years in British Columbia, where she worked as a journalist for publications including the Esquimalt News.[1] Her second novel, Spaz, was published in 2010,[4] and her writing has also been published in The Vancouver Review, subTerrain and Reader's Digest, and in the anthologies Exact Fare Only I and Body Breakdowns.[4]

She is currently based in Toronto,[4] where she also performs as a musician.[4]


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