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Bonny is located in Nigeria
Coordinates: 4°26′N 7°10′E / 4.433°N 7.167°E / 4.433; 7.167
Country  Nigeria
State Rivers State
 • Total 249.27 sq mi (645.60 km2)
Population (2006)
 • Total 214,983[1]
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Bonny (or Ibani)[2] is an island town and a Local Government Area in Rivers State in southsouth Nigeria, on the Bight of Bonny. It was also the capital of the Kingdom of Bonny. Traditionally (especially between the 15th and 19th centuries) it was a major trading post of the eastern delta.[3] Bonny Island, is a major export point for oil.[4]

The region produces a type of crude oil known as Bonny Light oil. Much of the oil extracted onshore in Rivers State is piped to Bonny for export. It has the biggest LNG Gas Plant in Nigeria with six (6) trains.

Kingdom of Bonny[edit]

Main article: Kingdom of Bonny

The Kingdom of Bonny was a state of the Niger-delta. It was powerful beginning in the 15th Century with the advent of the Portuguese and the following Atlantic slave trade. In the 19th Century it came under increasing pressure from the British to end the slave trade. It collapsed in the civil war of 1869,[5] though a remnant of it continues to exist as a part of the aristocratic structure of Nigeria.

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Coordinates: 4°26′N 7°10′E / 4.433°N 7.167°E / 4.433; 7.167