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Saint Bononio
Died August 30, 1026
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Canonized 1026 by Pope John XIX
Feast August 30
Attributes depicted as an abbot

Saint Bononio (or Bononius) (died August 30, 1026) was a Benedictine abbot and saint of the Catholic Church. A native of Bologna, he was a disciple of Saint Romuald. Romuald sent him to preach in Egypt and Syria.


Bononio settled in Cairo. Here he assisted the local population build a few Christian churches. When Peter, bishop of Vercelli, was captured by Arab forces after the Battle of Stilo, Bononio assisted in the bishop's release. Bononio returned to Italy after spending some time in the Sinai as a hermit, and was named by Peter abbot of the monastery of Lucedio. At Lucedio, he restored discipline amongst the monks and provided for the surrounding population.

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