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Private (Three Generations)
IndustryMen's Shoes
HeadquartersSant'Elpidio A Mare, Italy
ProductsShoes and Belts
Servicesbespoke and ready-to-wear

Bontoni is a third-generation Italian family company that produces a very exclusive line of bespoke and ready-made men's dress shoes. Bontoni's seven-person workshop is located in the outskirts of Montegranaro in the Marche Region of Italy.


Bontoni produces fewer than 9-12 pairs a day.[1] The family-owned company is renowned for its rich hand colored leathers, high level of hand workmanship and limited production. Bontoni's bottega, or workshop, is located in the Marche region of Italy.[2] It takes about twelve weeks to complete a pair of ready-made shoes and ten months for a custom pair.[3] Bontoni's ready-made collection is available at a select number of exclusive clothiers throughout the world. Bontoni's U.S. retailers include Bergdorf Goodman, Wilkes Bashford, Neiman Marcus, Richard's, Mario's, Stanley Korshak as well as several others.


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