Bony a klid

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Bony a klid
Directed by Vít Olmer
Produced by Jaromír Lukás
Written by Radek John
Vít Olmer
Starring Jan Potměšil
Cinematography Ota Kopriva
Edited by Ivana Kacírková
Release dates
July 1988
Running time
90 minutes
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

Bony a klid is a Czech drama film directed by Vít Olmer. It was released in 1987.


In the film, which takes place in Prague, a young man from Mladá Boleslav, Martin (Jan Potměšil) becomes a victim of fraud by a racketeer, Bíny (Roman Skamene). Because he wants his money back, he starts working for the racketeer gang and quickly adapts to the environment of big money, debaucherous parties, prostitutes, and police raids. During a deal, the police are called. Martin sees the television report about the search for Harry and Richard, so he immediately goes to the hostel to warn them. In the meantime, the VB arrive and run upstairs. Richard and Martin jump from the balcony, but Harry becomes dizzy and commits suicide. After the gang appears in court, only the boss escapes unpunished. Martin is told the truth about Eva: she is a prostitute. The film ends by the characters sitting in a car as the gates are closed.



All the music in the film is by the band Frankie Goes To Hollywood including Relax, The Power of Love, and The World is My Oyster

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