Bony a klid

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Bony a klid
Directed byVít Olmer
Produced byJaromír Lukás
Written byRadek John
Vít Olmer
StarringJan Potměšil
CinematographyOta Kopriva
Edited byIvana Kacírková
Release date
July 1988
Running time
90 minutes

Bony a klid is a Czech drama film directed by Vít Olmer. It was released in 1987.


The film is set in Prague. Martin, a young man from Mladá Boleslav, becomes a victim of a fraud committed by Richard, a currency dealer (trading foreign currencies was illegal in Czechoslovakia during the socialist era). Seeking to get his money back, he attempts to track Richard down and eventually joins his gang, consisting of Hary, Bíny and Slepejš. He quickly adapts to the lifestyle of big money, debauched parties, prostitutes, and police raids. Bíny betrays one of their deals to a rival gang, lead by Karel, and they find themselves on the run from the police. They attempt to seek shelter in Mladá Boleslav, but are eventually found and during the chase, Hary falls to his death from a balcony. The gang appears in court and is sentenced to serve jail time. It is strongly suggested that Karel has an influence over the judge.



The music in the film is by the band Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Relax, The Power of Love, The World is My Oyster), and by Charles Shaw & Silvia Brown (Hold Me Baby and I Leave It Up To You).

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