Bonzai Records

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Bonzai Records
Parent companyBanshee Worx (2003-present)
Lightning Records (1992-2003)
FounderChristian Pieters
Distributor(s)Bonzai Digital Network
Country of originBelgium Belgium

Bonzai Records, also known as Bonzai Music or Bonzai Progressive, is a Belgium-based record label specializing in techno, trance, hard trance, Goa trance, rave music and hardcore music.[1]

It was formed by DJ Fly in the back of record-shop The Blitz in Belgium in 1992 as a sublabel to Lightning Records, which went bankrupt in March 2003 and was subsequently replaced by the Banshee Worx label. Since its renewal in 2003, the label has released records under "Bonzai Progressive", however the 'Bonzai Records' catalog numbering continues.[1]


List of other current/former sublabels under the Bonzai name.

List of artists[edit]

  • Cherry Moon
  • Rawnn
  • DJ Fly (Christian Pieters)
  • Yves Deruyter
  • DJ Bountyhunter (Stefan Melis)
  • Jones & Stephenson (Frank Sels & Axel Stephenson)
  • Dream Your Dream
  • Thunderball
  • Final Analyzis
  • Stockhousen
  • Fernie
  • Airwave
  • Blufeld
  • Fred First
  • Manu Riga
  • Soundmodul
  • Hypnotised
  • Man On the Moon
  • ignacio demaria
  • Quadran
  • Kostas Maskalides
  • Jasper Jinx
  • Aqua Contact
  • Push
  • Ferdas Digital
  • Vechigen
  • Sunshine Rockerz House
  • X-Change (Stefan Melis)
  • Limited Growth (Frederico Santini & Axel Stephenson)
  • Mindvirus (Jens Brzoska)
  • Liquid Nations


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