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Boo Boo and the Man is a 2000 short cartoon starring Boo Boo Bear, the sidekick of Yogi Bear. It was made by The Ren & Stimpy Show creator John Kricfalusi and his company Spümcø using Macromedia Flash.[1]

The cartoon centers around Boo Boo, who encounters with the group of mean teenage bear bullies.


The cartoon starts where Boo Boo is happily skipping along in the forest of Jellystone Park, until he comes across the teenage cub bullies, who asks him about who is a "big brown man" with him. Boo Boo replies that the "big brown man" is his best friend Yogi.

So as the mean bullies are having fun picking on Boo Boo with mean things (such as shaving his fur off of his tail, rubbing his tail into pink, and put a bee in his ear), Ranger Smith stops them, which causes the bullies to flee away, leaving Boo Boo injured. Ranger Smith helps poor Boo Boo up and Boo Boo asks the ranger about those bullies he met, wondering why they have to act mean to little bears. Smith then answers to Boo Boo that it's rough for the fact that the forest is rough on little fellow and tells him that he had to "bear" with a fact about fair life, right until Yogi shows up and asks Boo Boo if he want to tag along with him for a picnic goodies. After the two bears left, Ranger Smith breaks the fourth wall by telling the audience about although he still has his likes of Boo Boo since is surely a nice bear, he just didn't know what he sees in that..... man.

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