Boobir Dam

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Boobir Dam
Location 1 km West of Blackbutt, Queensland
Coordinates 26°53′11″S 152°05′28″E / 26.8864°S 152.091°E / -26.8864; 152.091Coordinates: 26°53′11″S 152°05′28″E / 26.8864°S 152.091°E / -26.8864; 152.091
Type reservoir
Basin countries Australia
Max. length 400m
Max. width 125m
Surface area 0.05 hectares
Water volume 179 ML
Settlements Blackbutt

Boobir Creek Dam is a relatively small dam that supplies the town water supply for Blackbutt, Queensland.


The dam is owned and managed by the South Burnett Regional Council (until 2008, by Nanango Shire Council) to provide a safe, reliable water supply for Blackbutt. At present, tourist facilities are not provided and the road into the dam is locked.


During the early 2000s drought, Boobir Creek Dam ran nearly dry, and Nanango Shire Council called for urgent tenders to complete a pipeline from Wivenhoe Dam. Fortunately, the project was altered after years of good, flooding rain in 2008, 2010/11 and 2013.

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