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The booby is a type of seabird.

Booby or boobie may also refer to:


  • Breast, upper part of the torso of a primate


As a nickname[edit]

  • Boobie Clark (1949–1988), American National Football League player
  • Russell Clark (criminal) (1898–1968), American thief, bank robber and prison escapee nicknamed "Boobie"
  • Anthony Dixon (born 1987), American National Football League player nicknamed "Boobie"
  • Daniel Gibson (born 1986), American National Basketball Association player nicknamed "Booby" or "Boobie"
  • Boobie Miles (born 1970), American high school football player

Other uses[edit]

  • Booby, a Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle - see BUAA UAV
  • Sir Thomas Booby and Lady Booby, characters in the novel Joseph Andrews

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