Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure

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A Pick and Flick Adventure
Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure Coverart.png
North American cover art (Sega Genesis)
Developer(s) Interplay Productions
Publisher(s) Interplay Productions
Producer(s) Michael Stragey
Designer(s) Christopher Tremmel
Michael Stragey
Programmer(s) Michael Stragey
Composer(s) Matt Furniss
Platform(s) Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Super NES
Release Genesis
  • NA: November 18th, 1994
  • EU: January 1995[1]
  • NA: December 1995[2]
  • EU: January 25, 1996
Virtual Console
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player

Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure is a 2D platform video game created by Interplay Productions and released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1994 and later on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1995. The Genesis version was also released on the Wii Virtual Console in North America on November 24, 2008 and in Europe on December 12, 2008. The game's lead character also made a cameo appearance as a playable character and the rival of Earthworm Jim in Interplay's ClayFighter 63⅓.


One dark and stormy evening, the civic-minded Professor Stinkbaum was working in his lab where he was secretly building a machine that would save the world from pollution by transporting it to a place he called Dimension X-Crement. That same evening, eccentric millionaire Snotty Ragsdale paid a visit to the lab to investigate this project and find out how such a thing was possible. He was not too sure about the machine's purpose. After activating the machine, Ragsdale inhaled a cloud of pepper through his nose, causing him to let out a mighty sneeze. The power of the sneeze broke the machine, opening a portal. Just then, a mysterious giant arm popped out of the portal and stole the machine's main power source. In response to this danger, Snotty rushed into the men's room to change into his alter ego, the mighty Boogerman, and jumped into the portal to pursue the arm to learn the reason for the theft it had committed.


The gameplay of Boogerman operates as a simple side-scroller, with burp/fart ammunition, as well as booger ammunition. There are 20+ different levels, as well as a final boss level. Each level consists of a slight puzzle to finish to the end, and to accomplish this it is necessary to defeat foes, unique to each level. Following this boss battle is a "sandbox" playable credit scrolling, as the player is able to "fly-fart" with unlimited fuel (something the player is not able to do during normal gameplay).


GamePro's Manny LaMancha gave the Genesis version a positive review, summarizing that "As disgusting as Boogerman can be, as a video game it's fun to play. It almost comes off as a parody of last year's Disney's Aladdin, with extensive, challenging levels that take you up and down, left and right, and in and out of distant areas."[5]

Videohead of GamePro said that while the game's gross-out premise is juvenile, the gameplay is high-quality and fun. He added that while the Super NES version is a simple port of the Genesis version, it features more colors, better voice clips, stronger bass sound, and improved controls.[6]

The protagonist of Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure was awarded Grossest Character of 1994 by Electronic Gaming Monthly.[7] The website IGN nominated Boogerman the third worst character name in a 2007 list.[8]

Attempted revival[edit]

On October 16, 2013, Mike Stragey and Chris Tremmel announced that an HD sequel to the game was in the works under their company name Toy Ghost by starting a Kickstarter campaign in which they've set a $375,000 goal by November 20 to finish the game for a potential November 2014 release.[9]

On October 24, 2013, Toy Ghost announced that for the backers who pledged $40 or more will be rewarded with an exclusive co-op mode featuring Earthworm Jim, which would have been the first time since 1997's ClayFighter 63⅓ that they had appeared in a game together.[10]

It only reached a total of $40,252 when it reached its goal date; however, Stragey and Tremmel later sent it to the Steam Greenlight website, and announced on Boogerman's official Facebook page "[They were] waiting to see how things go on Greenlight and hope to try another Kickstarter". However, nothing has been heard from them since, and the project has been assumed to be quietly cancelled.


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