Boogie Superstar

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Boogie Superstar
Boogie SuperStar.jpg
Developer(s)EA Montreal
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
  • NA: October 14, 2008
Genre(s)Rhythm game
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

Boogie Superstar is a rhythm video game by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to the game Boogie.

NGamer magazine initially reported that the title would support the Wii Balance Board, writing that it was to be a "board-based dance-a-thon";[1] however, Electronic Arts confirmed that while the title would include a microphone to sing along to, it will not support the Wii Balance Board.[2]


Like the original game, Boogie Superstar features both singing and dancing. The game is based around the premise of a talent contest.

The karaoke gameplay is similar to other singing games such as SingStar and Karaoke Revolution. To score, the player must sing in time and in tune with the lyrics as they scroll at the bottom of the screen, with a musical staff to indicate the correct pitch and where the player's current pitch is. Rather than using phonetic detection, the game bases the score on how well the player matches the rhythm and pitch.

In contrast to the freestyle dancing in the last game, the game mechanic in Boogie Superstar involves players waggling the Wii Remote to simple two-beat prompts, such as swinging the Remote side-to side or up and down in time to on screen directions.

Track listing[edit]

Boogie Superstar features over 40 songs, all cover versions. Some songs are only playable in either the singing or dancing part of the game.[3] The song list includes the following:[4]


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Boogie Superstar received mixed reviews, with a Metacritic average of 67%.

The Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK was impressed with the game, and in a review in the Christmas 2008 edition, said that it "does what it does very well indeed." IGN was less enamoured, concluding that Boogie Superstar was "a decent dancing game, paired with an awful karaoke game."[5]