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1200–1229 C.E.
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1200-1229 C.E.[edit]

Decades and Summaries
High Middle Ages
1200s in England
1210s in England
1220s in England
Leaders in Europe
Richard I of England
John, King of England
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Henry of Flanders
Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Philip II of France
Philip of Swabia
Pope Innocent III
Geoffrey Fitz Peter, 1st Earl of Essex
Leaders in The East
Al-Adil I
Qutb-ud-din Aibak
Muhammad al-Nasir
Kingdoms and Empires
Crusader states
Kingdom of Castile
Almohad Caliphate
Latin Empire
Krak des Chevaliers
Knights Hospitaller
Knights Templar
Livonian Brothers of the Sword
Norman and Medieval London
Fourth Crusade
Third Crusade