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Engine thermodynamics
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Engine thermodynamics[edit]

Heat Engines and Engine Cycles
Isothermal process
Adiabatic process
Isentropic process
Heat engine
Carnot heat engine
Otto cycle
Otto engine
Diesel cycle
Basics of Thermodynamics
Thermodynamic system
Open system
Closed system
Isolated system
Thermal equilibrium
Thermodynamic equilibrium
Thermodynamic state
Thermodynamic process
Spontaneous process
Thermodynamic cycle
Lex Thermodynamica
Laws of thermodynamics
Zeroth law of thermodynamics
First law of thermodynamics
Second law of thermodynamics
Third law of thermodynamics
Absolute zero
Introduction to entropy
Isochoric process
Isobaric process
Polytropic process
Basics of Engines
Carnot cycle
Perpetual motion
Engines and Cycles
Diesel engine
Four-stroke engine
Brayton cycle
Airbreathing jet engine
Gas turbine
Heat Pumps in Reverse – Refrigeration
Heat pump and refrigeration cycle
Absorption refrigerator
Vapor-compression refrigeration