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European colonization of the Americas
Indigenous peoples of the Americas
Population history of indigenous peoples of the Americas
Slavery among Native Americans in the United States
History of Canada
Canada (New France)
French colonization of the Americas
Timeline of Quebec history (Beginnings to 1533)
Timeline of New France history (1534 to 1607)
Timeline of Quebec history (1608 to 1662)
Timeline of Quebec history (1663 to 1759)
Canada under British rule (1763–1867)
Timeline of Quebec history (1760 to 1790)
Timeline of Quebec history (1791 to 1840)
Sainte-Marie among the Hurons
Former colonies and territories in Canada
Timeline of the colonization of North America
Beaver Wars
French and Indian Wars
King William's War
Queen Anne's War
American Indian Wars
Indian massacre of 1622
Pequot War
Anglo-Powhatan Wars
King Philip's War
Tuscarora War
Yamasee War
Father Rale's War
Father Le Loutre's War
King George's War
French and Indian War
Pontiac's War
Dunmore's War
Crow Creek massacre
Indian massacre
Disease in colonial America
History of smallpox
Smallpox vaccine
Cotton Mather
Noble savage
Fort Christina
New France
American Frontier
Kecoughtan, Virginia
Culture of Canada
Thirteen Colonies
British America
Great Britain in the Seven Years' War
Siege of Fort William Henry
Colonial history of the United States
British colonization of the Americas
Coureur des bois
American bison
Wiyot people
Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst
Montreal Park
Indian Department
Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet
George Croghan
Genetic history of indigenous peoples of the Americas
Indian hospital
Indian Trade
Métis Population Betterment Act
The Canadian Crown and Aboriginal peoples
Alexander McKee
Fort Pitt (Pennsylvania)
Fort Ligonier
Fort Bedford
Fort Crown Point
Fort Frederick (Albany)
Fort Henry (West Virginia)
Fort Sandusky
Fort Venango
Siege of Fort Pitt
Henry Bouquet
Battle of Bushy Run
Siege of Fort Detroit
Battle of Bloody Run
Robert Rogers (soldier)
Fort Ticonderoga
Adam Stephen
Fort Saint-Frédéric
Fort Niagara
Fort Presque Isle
Fort Le Boeuf
Great Indian Warpath