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Arabic Alphabet & Script
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Arabic Alphabet & Script[edit]


Islamic calligraphy
Arabic script
Arabic language
Arabic characters in Unicode
Fula alphabets
Ajami script
East Asia
Traditional Mongolian alphabet
Oirat language
Manchu language
Xibe language
Hui people
Salar language
Chinese language
South East Asia
Arabi Malayalam
Maldivian language
Jawi alphabet
Tausug language
Malay language
Javanese language
Sundanese language
South Asia
Pashto language
Indo-Aryan languages
Balochi language
Kashmiri language
Punjabi language
Sindhi language
Aer language
Bhadrawahi language
Ladakhi language
Balti dialect
Brahui language
Hindustani language
Dogri language
Chittagonian language
Rohingya language
Ida'an language
Cham alphabet
Cham language
Banjar language
Pegon alphabet
Maguindanao language
Shahmukhī script
Saraiki language
Śāradā script
South West Asia
Arabic language
Judeo-Arabic languages
Judeo-Tunisian Arabic
Karaim language
Turkish language
Ottoman Turkish alphabet
North Africa
Ajami script
Arabic language
Berber languages
Berber Arabic alphabet
Central Atlas Tamazight
Coptic language
Beja language
Nubian languages
Dongolawi language
Nobiin language
Fur language
Fula alphabets
Tuareg languages
East Africa
Comorian language
Swahili language
Malagasy language
Somali language
West Africa
Wadaad's writing
Zarma language
Tadaksahak language
Hausa language
Dyula language
Balanta language
Mandinka language
Fula language
Wolof language
Wolofal script
Harari language
Songhay languages
Yoruba language
South Africa
Arabic Afrikaans
African American
Omar Ibn Said
Bilali Document
Ayuba Suleiman Diallo
Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori
Eastern Europe
Belarusian language
Belarusian Arabic alphabet
Polish language
Lipka Tatars
Romanian language
Chechen language
Northwest Caucasian languages
Ingush language
Karachay-Balkar language
Tatar language
Yaña imlâ alphabet
İske imlâ alphabet
Dungan language
Tat language
Northeast Caucasian languages
Bashkir language
Adyghe language
Avar language
Kumyk language
Lezgian language
Lak language
Dargwa language
Chagatai language
South (Eastern Mediterranean) Europe
Ottoman Turkish language
Bosnian language
Crimean Tatar language
South (Western Mediterranean) Europe
Albanian language
Western Europe
Mozarabic language
Aragonese language
Portuguese language
Spanish language
English language
French language
Greek language