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Art, Architecture and Archaeology[edit]


7 World Trade Center
Angkor Wat
Anthony Roll
The Battle of Alexander at Issus
Belton House
Blakeney Chapel
Bodiam Castle
Book of Kells
Boydell Shakespeare Gallery
Bramall Hall
Brougham Castle
Buildings and architecture of Bristol
Buildings of Jesus College, Oxford
Buildings of Nuffield College, Oxford
Bruce Castle
Buckingham Palace
Campbell's Soup Cans
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Catherine de' Medici's building projects
Chicago Board of Trade Building
Clemuel Ricketts Mansion
Cloud Gate
Cottingley Fairies
Crown Fountain
The Disasters of War
Dürer's Rhinoceros
The Entombment
Egyptian temple
Exelon Pavilions
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump
Fort Ticonderoga
Fountain of Time
The Four Stages of Cruelty
Four Times of the Day
Freedom Monument
Funerary art
Funerary Monument to Sir John Hawkwood