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Human Anatomy
Axial Skeleton
Axial skeleton diagram blank.svg
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Human anatomy[edit]


Accessory process
Adductor tubercle of femur
Aditus to mastoid antrum
Agger nasi
Ala of sacrum
Alveolar canals
Alveolar part of mandible
Alveolar process
Angle of the mandible
Ankle flare
Anterior arch of atlas
Anterior clinoid process
Anterior cranial fossa
Anterior ethmoidal foramen
Anterior fontanelle
Anterior intercondylar area
Anterior lacrimal crest
Anterior nasal spine
Anterior sacral foramina
Anterior surface of the body of the maxilla
Anterior tubercle of cervical vertebra
Articular disk of the temporomandibular joint
Articular processes
Articular tubercle
Artificial cranial deformation
Auditory bulla
Base of skull
Base of the sacrum
Basilar part of occipital bone
Body of femur
Body of fibula
Body of hyoid bone
Body of mandible
Body of maxilla
Body of sphenoid bone
Body of sternum
Body of tibia
Body of vertebra
Bundle bone
Canine fossa
Capsule of atlantooccipital articulation
Carotid canal
Carotid groove
Cervical vertebra 3
Cervical vertebra 4
Cervical vertebra 5
Cervical vertebra 6
Cervical vertebrae
Changes produced in the mandible by age
Chiasmatic groove
Cochlear aqueduct
Condylar canal
Condyloid fossa
Condyloid process
Copper beaten skull
Coronal suture
Coronoid process of the mandible
Costal groove
Costal margin
Cranial cavity
Craniopharyngeal canal
Cribriform plate
Crista galli
Cruciform eminence
Cuboid bone
Dorsal surface of sacrum
Dorsum sellae
Ectotympanic ring
Eleventh rib
Epitympanic recess
Ethmoid bone
Ethmoid sinus
Ethmoidal notch
Ethmoidal process of inferior nasal concha
Ethmoidal spine
External occipital protuberance
Facial canal
Facial skeleton
False ribs
Femur head
Femur neck
Fibular notch
Fifth metatarsal bone
First metatarsal bone
First rib
Floating rib
Foramen cecum
Foramen lacerum
Foramen magnum
Foramen rotundum
Foramen spinosum
Foramina of Scarpa
Fossa for lacrimal gland
Fossa for lacrimal sac
Fourth metatarsal bone
Fovea of head of femur
Frankfurt plane
Frontal bone
Frontal crest
Frontal eminence
Frontal process of maxilla
Frontal sinus
Frontal suture
Frontoethmoidal suture
Frontonasal duct
Gluteal tuberosity
Greater palatine canal
Greater palatine foramen
Greater trochanter
Greater wing of sphenoid bone
Groove for sigmoid sinus
Groove for transverse sinus
Head and neck anatomy
Head of fibula
Head of rib
Hiatus for greater petrosal nerve
Hiatus for lesser petrosal nerve
Horizontal plate of palatine bone
Human mandible
Human rib cage
Human skeleton
Human skull
Human sternum
Human vertebral column
Hypoglossal canal
Hypophysial fossa
Incisive bone
Incisive canals
Incisive foramen
Inferior costal facet
Inferior nasal concha
Inferior orbital fissure
Inferior tympanic canaliculus
Infraorbital canal
Infraorbital foramen
Infraorbital groove
Infraorbital margin
Infrasternal angle
Infratemporal crest
Infratemporal fossa
Infratemporal surface of the body of the maxilla
Intercondylar eminence
Intercondylar fossa of femur
Internal auditory meatus
Internal occipital crest
Internal occipital protuberance
Internasal suture
Interorbital region
Intertrochanteric crest
Intertrochanteric line
Intervertebral foramina
Jugal point
Jugular foramen
Jugular fossa
Jugular process
Jugular tubercle
Labyrinth of ethmoid
Lacrimal bone
Lacrimal groove
Lacrimal hamulus
Lambdoid suture
Lamina dura
Lamina of the vertebral arch
Lateral condyle of femur
Lateral condyle of tibia
Lateral epicondyle of the femur
Lateral intercondylar tubercle
Lateral mass of atlas
Lateral parts of occipital bone
Lateral process of the zygomatic bone
Lateral pterygoid plate
Lateral sacral crest
Lateral surface of sacrum
Leg bone
Lesser cornu
Lesser palatine canals
Lesser palatine foramina
Lesser trochanter
Lesser wing of sphenoid bone
Linea aspera
Lingual foramen
Lingula of mandible
List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: II. Osteology
Lower extremity of femur
Lower extremity of tibia
Lumbar vertebrae
Malleolar sulcus
Mammillary process
Mandibular canal
Mandibular foramen
Mandibular fossa
Mandibular incisive canal
Mandibular notch
Mastoid antrum
Mastoid canaliculus
Mastoid cells
Mastoid foramen
Mastoid notch
Mastoid part of the temporal bone
Mastoid process
Maxillary process of inferior nasal concha
Maxillary sinus
Maxillary tuberosity
Medial condyle of femur
Medial condyle of tibia
Medial epicondyle of the femur
Medial intercondylar tubercle
Medial pterygoid plate
Medial sacral crest
Median sacral crest
Mental foramen
Mental protuberance
Mental spine
Mental tubercle
Middle clinoid process
Middle cranial fossa
Middle nasal concha
Middle nasal meatus
Mylohyoid groove
Mylohyoid line
Nasal bone
Nasal foramina
Nasal surface of the body of the maxilla
Neck of rib
Neck of talus
Nuchal lines
Nuchal plane
Obturator externus groove
Occipital bone
Occipital bun
Occipital condyle
Occipital groove
Occipital plane
Occipital ridge
Occipitomastoid suture
Olfactory foramina
Optic canal
Orbital lamina of ethmoid bone
Orbital part of frontal bone
Orbital process of palatine bone
Orbital process of the zygomatic bone
Orbital surface of the body of the maxilla
Osseous spiral lamina
Ossification of ethmoid
Ossification of maxilla
Ossification of occipital bone
Ossification of tibia
Ossification of vomer
Otic notch
Palatine bone
Palatine process of maxilla
Palatomaxillary suture
Paranasal sinuses
Parietal bone
Parietal eminence
Parietal foramen
Patellar surface of femur
Pectineal line
Pedicle of vertebral arch
Pelvic surface of sacrum
Perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone
Perpendicular plate of palatine bone
Petro-occipital fissure
Petrosal process
Petrosquamous suture
Petrotympanic fissure
Petrous part of the temporal bone
Phalanges of the foot
Pharyngeal tubercle
Posterior arch of atlas
Posterior clinoid processes
Posterior cranial fossa
Posterior ethmoidal foramen
Posterior fontanelle
Posterior intercondylar area
Posterior lacrimal crest
Posterior nasal apertures
Posterior nasal spine
Posterior sacral foramina
Posterior tubercle of cervical vertebra
Postorbital Bar
Postorbital process
Prefrontal bone
Presacral space
Pterygoid canal
Pterygoid fossa
Pterygoid fovea
Pterygoid hamulus
Pterygoid processes of the sphenoid
Pterygomaxillary fissure
Pterygopalatine fossa
Pyramidal process of palatine bone
Quadrate bone
Quadrate tubercle
Ramus of the mandible
Saber tibia
Sacral canal
Sacral hiatus
Sacral promontory
Sacral tuberosity
Sacrovertebral angle
Sagittal crest
Sagittal keel
Sagittal sulcus
Sagittal suture
Scalene tubercle
Scaphoid fossa
Sclerotic ring
Second metatarsal bone
Second rib
Sella turcica
Sigmoid sulcus
Simian shelf
Skull roof
Soleal line
Spheno-maxillary fossa
Sphenoethmoidal suture
Sphenofrontal suture
Sphenoid bone
Sphenoidal conchae
Sphenoidal emissary foramen
Sphenoidal lingula
Sphenoidal process of palatine bone
Sphenoidal sinus
Sphenopalatine foramen
Sphenoparietal suture
Sphenopetrosal fissure
Sphenosquamosal suture
Sphenozygomatic suture
Spinal canal
Spine of sphenoid bone
Spinous process
Squama frontalis
Squama occipitalis
Squama temporalis
Squamosal suture
Starchild skull
Sternal angle
Stylomastoid foramen
Subarcuate fossa
Sublingual fovea
Submandibular fovea
Sulcus for auditory tube
Superciliary arches
Superior costal facet
Superior nasal concha
Superior nasal meatus
Superior orbital fissure
Suprainiac fossa
Suprameatal spine
Suprameatal triangle
Supraorbital foramen
Supraorbital notch
Supraorbital ridge
Suprasternal notch
Sustentaculum tali
Symphysis menti
Talocalcaneonavicular articulation
Talus bone
Temporal bone
Temporal fossa
Temporal line
Temporal process of the zygomatic bone
Temporal styloid process
Temporomandibular joint
Tenth rib
Third metatarsal bone
Third trochanter
Thoracic skeleton
Thoracic vertebrae
Transverse costal facet
Transverse processes
Trochanteric fossa
Trochlear fovea
Trochlear process
True ribs
Tuberculum sellae
Tuberosity of the tibia
Twelfth rib
Tympanic part of the temporal bone
Uncinate process of ethmoid bone
Uncinate process of vertebra
Upper extremity of femur
Upper extremity of tibia
Vertebra prominens
Vertebral arch
Vertebral foramen
Vertebral notch
Wing of vomer
Xiphisternal joint
Xiphoid process
Zygomasseteric system
Zygomatic arch
Zygomatic bone
Zygomatic fossa
Zygomatic process
Zygomatic process of frontal bone
Zygomatic process of maxilla
Zygomatic process of temporal bone
Zygomatico-orbital foramina
Zygomaticofacial foramen
Zygomaticofrontal suture
Zygomaticotemporal foramen
Zygomaticotemporal suture