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The Berlin Wall
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The Berlin Wall[edit]

The Berlin Wall
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Inner German border
Iron Curtain
Wall of Shame
East Berlin
West Berlin
German reunification
Eastern Bloc emigration and defection
Berlin Crisis of 1961
Memorials, museums and galleries
White Crosses
East Side Gallery
Checkpoint Charlie Museum
Topography of Terror
Chapel of Reconciliation
Berlin border crossings
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Bravo
Berlin Friedrichstraße station
Tränenpalast, Friedrichstrasse station
Deaths from breaching the Wall
List of deaths at the Berlin Wall
Ida Siekmann
Günter Litfin
Marienetta Jirkowsky
Chris Gueffroy
Peter Fechter
Winfried Freudenberg
Heinz Sokolowski
Other people connected to the Wall
Günter Schabowski
Riccardo Ehrman
Conrad Schumann
The Wall in speeches
Ich bin ein Berliner
Tear down this wall!
The Wall in popular culture
The Tunnel (NBC documentary)
The Wall
The Tunnel (2001 film)
Good Bye, Lenin
The Berlin Wall (video game)
"West of the Wall"
List of Berlin Wall segments
Ghost station