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British Prime Ministers
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British Prime Ministers[edit]

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom
Prime Ministers of Great Britain
Robert Walpole
Earl of Wilmington
Henry Pelham
Duke of Newcastle
Duke of Devonshire
Earl of Bute
George Grenville
Marquess of Rockingham
William Pitt the Elder
Duke of Grafton
Lord North
Earl of Shelburne
Duke of Portland
William Pitt the Younger
Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom
Henry Addington
Lord Grenville
Spencer Perceval
Earl of Liverpool
George Canning
Viscount Goderich
Duke of Wellington
Earl Grey
Viscount Melbourne
Robert Peel
Lord John Russell
Earl of Derby
Earl of Aberdeen
Viscount Palmerston
Benjamin Disraeli
William Ewart Gladstone
Marquess of Salisbury
Earl of Rosebery
Arthur Balfour
Henry Campbell-Bannerman
H. H. Asquith
David Lloyd George
Bonar Law
Stanley Baldwin
Ramsay MacDonald
Neville Chamberlain
Winston Churchill
Clement Attlee
Anthony Eden
Harold Macmillan
Alec Douglas-Home
Harold Wilson
Edward Heath
James Callaghan
Margaret Thatcher
John Major
Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
David Cameron
Theresa May
People Sometimes Listed as Prime Ministers
William Pulteney
James Waldegrave
Prime Minister's Residences
10 Downing Street
Offices Held Concurrently
First Lord of the Treasury
Minister for the Civil Service
The Opposition
Official Opposition
Leader of the Opposition