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Electricity Generation using Solar Thermal Technology
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Electricity Generation using Solar Thermal Technology[edit]

Science and Economic Background
Electricity generation
Cost of electricity by source
List of countries by electricity production from renewable sources
Renewable energy in the European Union
List of solar thermal power stations
List of concentrating solar thermal power companies
Types of Solar Generated Electricity
Intermittent energy source
Renewable energy
Solar energy
Solar power
Solar thermal energy
Technical Methods to Focus Solar Power
Concentrated solar power
Solar power tower
Parabolic trough
Thermal energy storage
Australian Projects
Solar power in Australia
White Cliffs Solar Power Station
Windorah Solar Farm
European Projects
Solar power in Spain
Andasol Solar Power Station
PS10 Solar Power Plant
PS20 Solar Power Plant
Solnova Solar Power Station
Solar Tres Power Tower
United States Projects
Nevada Solar One
Nellis Solar Power Plant
Rice Solar Energy Project
Sierra SunTower
Solar Energy Generating Systems
Completed or cancelled projects of interest
Cloncurry Solar Power Station
The Solar Project