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Fundamental Data Structures
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Fundamental Data Structures[edit]

Abstract data type
Data structure
Analysis of algorithms
Amortized analysis
Accounting method
Potential method
Array data type
Array data structure
Dynamic array
Linked list
Doubly linked list
Stack (abstract data type)
Queue (abstract data type)
Double-ended queue
Circular buffer
Associative array
Association list
Hash table
Linear probing
Quadratic probing
Double hashing
Cuckoo hashing
Hopscotch hashing
Hash function
Perfect hash function
Universal hashing
K-independent hashing
Tabulation hashing
Cryptographic hash function
Set (abstract data type)
Bit array
Bloom filter
Disjoint-set data structure
Partition refinement
Priority queues
Priority queue
Bucket queue
Heap (data structure)
Binary heap
d-ary heap
Binomial heap
Fibonacci heap
Pairing heap
Double-ended priority queue
Soft heap
Successors and neighbors
Binary search algorithm
Binary search tree
Random binary tree
Tree rotation
Self-balancing binary search tree
AVL tree
Red–black tree
WAVL tree
Scapegoat tree
Splay tree
Tango tree
Skip list
B+ tree
Integer and string searching
Radix tree
Suffix tree
Suffix array
Suffix automaton
Van Emde Boas tree
Fusion tree