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Galaxy formation and evolution
Galaxy merger
Galaxy morphological classification
Hubble sequence
Short-scale structure
Dark matter halo
Galactic bulge
Galactic corona
Galactic disc
Galactic halo
Ionization cone
Low-ionization nuclear emission-line region
Relativistic jet
Supermassive black hole
Large-scale structure
Galaxy groups and clusters
Galaxy group
Galaxy cluster
Galaxy supercluster
Galaxy filament
Types of galaxies
Active galaxy
Barred lenticular galaxy
Barred irregular galaxy
Barred spiral galaxy
Blue compact dwarf galaxy
Dark galaxy
Disc galaxy
Dwarf elliptical galaxy
Dwarf galaxy
Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Dwarf spiral galaxy
Elliptical galaxy
Faint blue galaxy
Field galaxy
Flocculent spiral galaxy
Grand design spiral galaxy
Green Bean Galaxies
Interacting galaxy
Intermediate spiral galaxy
Irregular galaxy
Lenticular galaxy
Low surface brightness galaxy
Luminous infrared galaxy
Lyman-alpha emitter
Lyman-break galaxy
Magellanic spiral
Pea galaxy
Peculiar galaxy
Polar-ring galaxy
Radio galaxy
Ring galaxy
Seyfert galaxy
Spiral galaxy
Starburst galaxy
Type-cD galaxy
Unbarred lenticular galaxy
Unbarred spiral galaxy
Brightest cluster galaxy
Galaxy color–magnitude diagram
List of galaxies
Fossil galaxy group