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Governors General of Canada
The Complete Guide
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Governors General of Canada[edit]

The Complete Guide[edit]

List of Governors General of Canada
Governors General of Canada
Governor General of Canada
Governors of New France, 1627–1663
Samuel de Champlain
Charles de Montmagny
Louis d'Ailleboust de Coulonge
Jean de Lauson
Le vicompte de Mouzay
Le baron d'Avaugour
Governors General of New France, 1663–1760
Augustin de Saffray de Mésy
Daniel de Rémy de Courcelle
Le comte de Frontenac et de Palluau
Joseph-Antoine de La Barre
Le marquis de Denonville
Le comte de Frontenac
Louis-Hector de Callière
Le marquis de Vaudreuil
Le marquis de Beauharnois
Le comte de La Galissonnière
Le marquis de la Jonquière
Le marquis du Quesne
Le marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnal
Governors of the Province of Quebec, 1760–1786
Sir Jeffery Amherst
James Murray
Sir Guy Carleton
Sir Frederick Haldimand
Governors-in-Chief/Governors General of The Canadas, 1786–1840
The Lord Dorchester
Robert Prescott
Sir Robert Milnes
Thomas Dunn
Sir James Henry Craig
Sir George Prévost
Sir Gordon Drummond
Sir John Coape Sherbrooke
The Duke of Richmond
The Earl of Dalhousie
Sir James Kempt
The Lord Aylmer
The Earl of Gosford
Sir John Colborne
The Earl of Durham
The Lord Sydenham
Governors General of the Province of Canada, 1840–1867
The Lord Sydenham
Sir Charles Bagot
Sir Charles Metcalfe
The Earl Cathcart
The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine
Sir Edmund Walker Head
The Viscount Monck
Governors General of Canada, 1867–present
The Viscount Monck
The Lord Lisgar
The Earl of Dufferin
The Marquess of Lorne
The Marquess of Lansdowne
The Lord Stanley of Preston
The Earl of Aberdeen
The Earl of Minto
The Earl Grey
The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
The Duke of Devonshire
The Lord Byng of Vimy
The Viscount Willingdon
The Earl of Bessborough
Acting governor
The Lord Tweedsmuir
Acting governor
The Earl of Athlone
The Viscount Alexander of Tunis
Acting governor
Vincent Massey
Georges Vanier
Acting governor
Roland Michener
Jules Léger
Edward Schreyer
Jeanne Sauvé
Ray Hnatyshyn
Roméo LeBlanc
Adrienne Clarkson
Acting governor
Adrienne Clarkson
Acting governor
Michaëlle Jean
David Johnston
Administrators of the Government (acting governors)
Sir Lyman Poore Duff
Sir Lyman Poore Duff
Thibaudeau Rinfret
Robert Taschereau
Beverley McLachlin
John C. Major
Rideau Hall
Citadelle of Quebec
List of awards named after Governors General of Canada
List of awards presented by the Governor General of Canada
Chief Scout's Award
Governor General's Awards
Michener Award
Queen's Venturer Award
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