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Graph Drawing
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Graph Drawing[edit]

Graph drawing
Graph theory
Information visualization
Undirected graph layouts
Undirected graph
Arc diagram
Circular layout
Force-directed graph drawing
Spectral layout
Stress majorization
Directed graph layouts
Directed graph
Directed acyclic graph
Dominance drawing
Layered graph drawing
Upward planar drawing
Tree layouts
H tree
Hyperbolic tree
Radial tree
Application-specific graph drawings
Concept map
Dessin d'enfant
Hasse diagram
State diagram
Syntax diagram
Quality criteria
Angular resolution
Bend minimization
Crossing number
Slope number
Planar graphs
Planar graph
Dual graph
Fáry's theorem
Harborth's conjecture
Medial graph
Tutte embedding
Universal point set
Planarity testing
Planarity testing
Left-right planarity test
Hanani–Tutte theorem
Kuratowski's theorem
Mac Lane's planarity criterion
Schnyder's theorem
Wagner's theorem
Whitney's planarity criterion
Classes of planar graphs
Apollonian network
Cactus graph
Halin graph
Outerplanar graph
Nested triangles graph
Series-parallel graph
st-planar graph
Subhamiltonian graph
Wheel graph
Beyond planarity
1-planar graph
Apex graph
Book embedding
Clustered planarity
Graph embedding
Greedy embedding
Linkless embedding
RAC drawing
Simultaneous embedding
Strangulated graph
Thickness (graph theory)
Topological graph theory
Toroidal graph
Contact and intersection representations
Intersection graph
Circle graph
Circle packing theorem
Interval graph
Scheinerman's conjecture
String graph
Unit disk graph
Other geometric representations of graphs
Geometric graph theory
Matchstick graph
Polyhedral graph
Steinitz's theorem
Unit distance graph
Visibility graph
Computer representations of graphs and drawings
Graph (abstract data type)
Adjacency list
Adjacency matrix
DOT (graph description language)
Doubly connected edge list
LCF notation
Rotation system
Algorithmic components
Biconnected components and BC trees
Bipolar orientation
Coffman–Graham algorithm
Existential theory of the reals
Heavy path decomposition
PQ tree
SPQR tree
Trémaux tree
Graph drawing software
Meurs Challenger
Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout