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John Mellencamp
The Complete Guide
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John Mellencamp[edit]

The Complete Guide[edit]

John Mellencamp
John Mellencamp discography
Studio albums
Chestnut Street Incident
The Kid Inside
A Biography
John Cougar
Nothin' Matters and What If It Did
American Fool
The Lonesome Jubilee
Big Daddy
Whenever We Wanted
Human Wheels
Dance Naked
Mr. Happy Go Lucky
John Mellencamp
Rough Harvest
Cuttin' Heads
Trouble No More
Freedom's Road
Life, Death, Love and Freedom
No Better Than This
Live albums
Life, Death, Live and Freedom
Compilation albums
The Best That I Could Do 1978–1988
Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits
Box sets
On the Rural Route 7609
"I Need a Lover"
"Hurts So Good"
"Jack & Diane"
"Crumblin' Down"
"Pink Houses"
"Lonely Ol' Night"
"Small Town"
"R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. (A Salute to '60s Rock)"
"Under the Boardwalk"
"Paper in Fire"
"Baby, Please Don't Go"
"Wild Night"
"Just Another Day"
"Peaceful World"
"Walk Tall"
"I Think I'm in Love with You"
"This Land Is Your Land"
Falling from Grace
Ghost Brothers of Darkland County
Associated people
George Green
Elaine Irwin Mellencamp
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