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King Crimson
The Complete Guide
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King Crimson[edit]

The Complete Guide[edit]

Main article
King Crimson
The Members
Robert Fripp
Mel Collins
Tony Levin
Pat Mastelotto
Gavin Harrison
Jakko Jakszyk
Bill Reiflin
Past members
Greg Lake
Michael Giles
Ian McDonald
Peter Sinfield
Gordon Haskell
Andy McCulloch
Rick Kemp
Boz Burrell
Ian Wallace
John Wetton
Jamie Muir
Bill Bruford
David Cross
Adrian Belew
Trey Gunn
Guest musicians
Peter Giles
Keith Tippett
Mark Charig
Nick Evans
Jon Anderson
Harry Miller
Richard Palmer-James
Eddie Jobson
Studio albums
In the Court of the Crimson King
In the Wake of Poseidon
Larks' Tongues in Aspic
Starless and Bible Black
Three of a Perfect Pair
The ConstruKction of Light
The Power to Believe
Live albums
The Great Deceiver
B'Boom: Live in Argentina
The Night Watch
Absent Lovers: Live in Montreal
Live at the Marquee
Live at Jacksonville
The Beat Club, Bremen
Live at Cap D'Agde
Cirkus: The Young Persons' Guide to King Crimson Live
King Crimson on Broadway
Live in Mexico City
Live in Central Park, NYC
Heavy ConstruKction
Vrooom Vrooom
Ladies of the Road
EleKtrik: Live in Japan
The Power to Believe Tour Box
Compilation albums
A Young Person's Guide to King Crimson
The Compact King Crimson
Heartbeat: The Abbreviated King Crimson
Frame by Frame: The Essential King Crimson
Sleepless: The Concise King Crimson
The Beginners' Guide to the King Crimson Collectors' Club
Nashville Rehearsals
The Champaign–Urbana Sessions
The 21st Century Guide to King Crimson – Volume One – 1969–1974
The 21st Century Guide to King Crimson – Volume Two – 1981–2003
The Condensed 21st Century Guide to King Crimson
Extended plays
Level Five
Happy with What You Have to Be Happy With
"The Court of the Crimson King"
"Cat Food"
"Atlantic Sampler"
"The Night Watch"
"Matte Kudasai"
"Elephant Talk"
"Thela Hun Ginjeet"
"Three of a Perfect Pair"
"Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream"
Non-single songs
"21st Century Schizoid Man"
"Fallen Angel"
"Frame by Frame"
"I Talk to the Wind"
"Larks' Tongues in Aspic"
"One More Red Nightmare"
"The Sheltering Sky"
Video albums
The Noise: Frejus
Déjà Vrooom
Neal and Jack and Me
Live at the Jazz Café
Jazz Café Suite
London, Jazz Café, England – December 4, 1997
Space Groove
Live in Austin, TX
Live in San Francisco
The ProjeKcts
The Deception of the Thrush: A Beginners' Guide to ProjeKcts
ProjeKct X
Heaven and Earth
A Scarcity of Miracles
Related bands
Giles, Giles and Fripp
McDonald and Giles
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
21st Century Schizoid Band
Crimson Jazz Trio
Fripp & Eno
Liquid Tension Experiment
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New Standard Tuning
Discography and lists