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Landmark experiments physics
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Landmark experiments[edit]

... in physics[edit]

BOOMERanG experiment
Cosmic Background Explorer
Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe
Electromagnetism & Special Relativity
Fizeau experiment
Fizeau–Foucault apparatus
Hafele–Keating experiment
Hammar experiment
Ives–Stilwell experiment
Lunar Laser Ranging experiment
Kennedy–Thorndike experiment
Michelson–Gale–Pearson experiment
Michelson–Morley experiment
Oil drop experiment
Oxford Electric Bell
Rømer's determination of the speed of light
Sagnac effect
Trouton–Noble experiment
Trouton–Rankine experiment
Gravity & General Relativity
Cavendish experiment
De Sitter double star experiment
Gravity Probe A
Gravity Probe B
Pound–Rebka experiment
Schiehallion experiment
Atwood machine
Barton's pendulums
Bedford Level experiment
Beverly Clock
Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment
Heron's fountain
Magdeburg hemispheres
Rubens' tube
Pitch drop experiment
Particle & Nuclear Physics
Chicago Pile-1
Cowan–Reines neutrino experiment
Geiger–Marsden experiment
Homestake experiment
Large Hadron Collider
Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment
PS210 experiment
Wu experiment
Quantum mechanics
Afshar experiment
Davisson–Germer experiment
Delayed choice quantum eraser
Double-slit experiment
Elitzur–Vaidman bomb tester
Eötvös experiment
Franck–Hertz experiment
Quantum eraser experiment
Stern–Gerlach experiment