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Human anatomy[edit]

Muscular system[edit]

Abdominal external oblique muscle
Abdominal fascia
Abdominal internal oblique muscle
Abductor digiti minimi muscle of foot
Abductor digiti minimi muscle of hand
Abductor hallucis muscle
Abductor pollicis brevis muscle
Abductor pollicis longus muscle
Accessory soleus muscle
Achilles tendon
Adductor brevis muscle
Adductor canal
Adductor hallucis muscle
Adductor hiatus
Adductor longus muscle
Adductor magnus muscle
Adductor minimus muscle
Adductor muscles of the hip
Adductor pollicis muscle
Alar fascia
Anconeus muscle
Anococcygeal body
Antebrachial fascia
Anterior auricular muscle
Anterior compartment of the arm
Anterior compartment of the forearm
Aortic hiatus
Aponeurosis of the Obliquus externus abdominis
Arcade of Frohse
Arcuate line of rectus sheath
Articular disk of the temporomandibular joint
Articularis cubiti muscle
Articularis genu muscle
Aryepiglottic muscle
Arytenoid muscle
Atrioventricular node
Auricular muscles
Axillary fascia
Axillary sheath
Axioappendicular muscles
Biceps femoris muscle
Bicipital aponeurosis
Bipennate muscle
Brachial fascia
Brachialis muscle
Buccinator muscle
Buccopharyngeal fascia
Buck's fascia
Bulbospongiosus muscle
Bundle of His
Cardiac muscle
Cardiac pacemaker
Carotid sheath
Central tendon of diaphragm
Ciliary muscle
Clavipectoral fascia
Coccygeus muscle
Common extensor tendon
Common flexor tendon
Conjoint tendon
Connective tissue in skeletal muscle
Coracobrachialis muscle
Corrugator cutis ani muscle
Corrugator supercilii muscle
Cremaster muscle
Cricoarytenoid muscle
Cricothyroid muscle
Crura of superficial inguinal ring
Crural fascia
Crus of diaphragm
Cubital tunnel
Deep cervical fascia
Deep fascia
Deep inguinal ring
Deep perineal pouch
Deltoid fascia
Deltoid muscle
Depressor anguli oris muscle
Depressor labii inferioris muscle
Depressor septi nasi muscle
Depressor supercilii muscle
Detrusor urinae muscle
Digastric muscle
Dilator naris muscle
Divarication of rectus abdominis muscles
Dorsal interossei of the foot
Dorsal interossei of the hand
Electrical conduction system of the heart
Endopelvic part of the pelvic fascia
Erector spinae muscles
Esophageal hiatus
Extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle
Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle
Extensor carpi ulnaris muscle
Extensor digiti minimi muscle
Extensor digitorum brevis muscle
Extensor digitorum longus muscle
Extensor digitorum muscle
Extensor expansion
Extensor hallucis brevis muscle
Extensor hallucis longus muscle
Extensor indicis muscle
Extensor pollicis brevis muscle
Extensor pollicis longus muscle
Extensor retinaculum of the hand
External intercostal muscles
Extraocular muscles
Facial muscles
Fascia cribrosa
Fascia lata
Fascia of Camper
Fascia of Colles
Fascia of perineum
Fascia of Scarpa
Fascial compartments of arm
Fascial compartments of leg
Femoral canal
Femoral ring
Femoral sheath
Fibular retinacula
Fibularis brevis
Fibularis longus
Fibularis muscles
Fibularis tertius
Flexor carpi radialis muscle
Flexor carpi ulnaris muscle
Flexor digiti minimi brevis (hand)
Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle (foot)
Flexor digitorum brevis muscle
Flexor digitorum longus muscle
Flexor digitorum profundus muscle
Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle
Flexor hallucis brevis muscle
Flexor hallucis longus muscle
Flexor pollicis brevis muscle
Flexor pollicis longus muscle
Flexor retinaculum of foot
Flexor retinaculum of the hand
Frontalis muscle
Galea aponeurotica
Gastrocnemius muscle
Geniohyoid muscle
Gluteus maximus muscle
Gluteus medius muscle
Gluteus minimus muscle
Gracilis muscle
Iliac fascia
Iliococcygeus muscle
Iliopectineal arch
Iliotibial tract
Inferior extensor retinaculum of foot
Inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm
Inferior longitudinal muscle of tongue
Inferior oblique muscle
Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle
Inferior rectus muscle
Infrahyoid muscles
Infraspinatus muscle
Infraspinous fascia
Inguinal canal
Inguinal ligament
Inguinal triangle
Innermost intercostal muscle
Intercostal muscle
Intercrural fibres of superficial inguinal ring
Internal intercostal muscles
Interosseous muscles of the hand
Interspinales muscles
Intertransversarii muscle
Investing layer of deep cervical fascia
Ischioanal fossa
Ischiocavernosus muscle
Lacunar ligament
Lateral arcuate ligament
Lateral compartment of leg
Lateral cricoarytenoid muscle
Lateral intermuscular septum of thigh
Lateral pterygoid muscle
Lateral rectus muscle
Lateral rotator group
Latissimus dorsi muscle
Levator anguli oris
Levator ani
Levator claviculae muscle
Levator labii superioris
Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle
Levator muscle of thyroid gland
Levator palpebrae superioris muscle
Levator scapulae muscle
Levator veli palatini
Levatores costarum muscles
Linea alba (abdomen)
Linea semilunaris
Longus capitis muscle
Longus colli muscle
Lower abdominals
Lumbocostal triangle
Lumbrical muscle (foot)
Lumbricals of the hand
Masseter muscle
Masseteric fascia
Medial arcuate ligament
Medial intermuscular septum of arm
Medial intermuscular septum of thigh
Medial pterygoid muscle
Medial rectus muscle
Median arcuate ligament
Middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle
Mobile wad
Multifidus muscle
Muscle contraction
Muscle cross-sectional area
Muscle fascicle
Muscles of auditory ossicles
Muscles of larynx
Muscles of mastication
Muscles of orbit
Muscles of soft palate and fauces
Muscles of tongue
Muscular lacuna
Musculus uvulae
Mylohyoid muscle
Nasalis muscle
Neuromuscular junction
Oblique arytenoid
Oblique muscle of auricle
Obliquus capitis inferior muscle
Obliquus capitis superior muscle
Obliquus genu
Obturator fascia
Occipitalis muscle
Occipitofrontalis muscle
Omohyoid muscle
Opponens digiti minimi muscle
Opponens pollicis muscle
Orbicularis oculi muscle
Orbicularis oris muscle
Orbitalis muscle
Palatine aponeurosis
Palatoglossus muscle
Palatopharyngeus muscle
Palmar aponeurosis
Palmar interossei muscles
Palmaris brevis muscle
Palmaris longus muscle
Panniculus adiposus
Pectineal ligament
Pectineus muscle
Pectoralis major muscle
Pectoralis minor muscle
Pelvic fascia
Pelvic floor
Pennate muscle
Perineal body
Perineal membrane
Pes anserinus (leg)
Pharyngeal constrictor
Pharyngeal muscles
Pharyngeal raphe
Pharyngobasilar fascia
Piriformis fascia
Plantar fascia
Plantar interossei muscles
Plantaris muscle
Platysma muscle
Popliteus muscle
Posterior auricular muscle
Posterior axillary fold
Posterior compartment of leg
Posterior compartment of the forearm
Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle
Posterior crural intermuscular septum
Pretracheal fascia
Prevertebral fascia
Prevertebral muscles
Procerus muscle
Pronator quadratus muscle
Pronator teres muscle
Pubococcygeus muscle
Puboprostatic ligament
Puborectalis muscle
Pubovesical ligament
Pudendal canal
Purkinje fibers
Pyramidalis muscle
Quadrangular space
Quadratus lumborum muscle
Quadratus plantae muscle
Quadriceps femoris muscle
Quadriceps tendon
Rectoprostatic fascia
Rectovaginal fascia
Rectus abdominis muscle
Rectus capitis anterior muscle
Rectus capitis lateralis muscle
Rectus capitis posterior major muscle
Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle
Rectus femoris muscle
Rectus sheath
Reflected ligament
Rhomboid major muscle
Rhomboid minor muscle
Rhomboid muscles
Rotator cuff
Rotatores muscles
Salpingopharyngeus muscle
Saphenous opening
Sartorius muscle
Scalene muscles
Scalenus anterior
Scalenus medius
Scalenus posterior
Sebileau's muscle
Semimembranosus muscle
Semispinalis capitis
Semispinalis cervicis
Semispinalis dorsi
Semitendinosus muscle
Serratus anterior muscle
Serratus posterior inferior muscle
Serratus posterior superior muscle
Sinoatrial node
Skeletal striated muscle
Sliding filament model
Smooth muscle tissue
Soleus muscle
Splenius capitis muscle
Splenius cervicis muscle
Splenius muscles
Stapedius muscle
Sternocleidomastoid muscle
Sternocostal triangle
Sternohyoid muscle
Sternothyroid muscle
Strap muscles of the neck
Stratum membranosum
Striated muscle tissue
Stylohyoid muscle
Stylopharyngeus muscle
Subclavius muscle
Subcostalis muscle
Subcutaneous tissue of perineum
Suboccipital muscle
Suboccipital muscles
Subscapularis muscle
Superficial fascia
Superficial inguinal ring
Superficial perineal pouch
Superior auricular muscle
Superior extensor retinaculum of foot
Superior fascia of pelvic diaphragm
Superior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm
Superior longitudinal muscle of tongue
Superior oblique muscle
Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle
Superior rectus muscle
Superior tarsal muscle
Supinator muscle
Suprahyoid muscles
Supraspinatus muscle
Supraspinous fascia
Table of muscles of the human body: Head
Table of muscles of the human body: Lower limb
Table of muscles of the human body: Neck
Table of muscles of the human body: Torso
Table of muscles of the human body: Upper limb
Temporal fascia
Temporal muscle
Temporoparietalis muscle
Tendinous arch of pelvic fascia
Tendinous intersection
Tensor fasciae latae muscle
Tensor tympani muscle
Tensor veli palatini muscle
Teres major muscle
Teres minor muscle
Thenar eminence
Thoracic diaphragm
Thoracolumbar fascia
Thyroarytenoid muscle
Thyroepiglottic muscle
Thyrohyoid muscle
Tibialis anterior muscle
Tibialis posterior muscle
Transversalis fascia
Transverse arytenoid
Transverse muscle of the chin
Transverse muscle of tongue
Transversospinales muscles
Transversus abdominis muscle
Transversus thoracis muscle
Trapezius muscle
Triangular interval
Triangular space
Triceps brachii muscle
Triceps surae muscle
Unipennate muscle
Upper esophageal sphincter
Urogenital diaphragm
Vastus intermedius muscle
Vastus lateralis muscle
Vastus medialis
Vertical muscle of tongue
Visceral fascia
Vocal muscle
Zygomaticus major muscle
Zygomaticus minor muscle