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Optical illusions
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Optical illusions[edit]

Optical illusion
Visual perception
Physiological illusions
Motion aftereffect
Contingent perceptual aftereffect
McCollough effect
Grid illusion
Mach bands
Visual tilt effects
Lateral inhibition
Troxler's fading
Illusory objects
Illusory contours
Ehrenstein illusion
Phantom contour
Principles of grouping
Ambiguous images
Ambiguous image
Reversible figure
Necker cube
Isometric illusion
Figure–ground (perception)
Rubin vase
My Wife and My Mother-in-Law
Rabbit–duck illusion
Contour rivalry
Multistable perception
Hollow-Face illusion
Hybrid image
Impossible objects
Impossible object
Penrose triangle
Penrose stairs
Impossible cube
M. C. Escher's legacy
Cube with Magic Ribbons
Belvedere (M. C. Escher)
Ascending and Descending
Waterfall (M. C. Escher)
Satire on False Perspective
Geometrical-optical illusions
Geometrical-optical illusions
Poggendorff illusion
Müller-Lyer illusion
Vertical–horizontal illusion
Sander illusion
Jastrow illusion
Hering illusion
Wundt illusion
Orbison illusion
Zöllner illusion
Café wall illusion
Fraser spiral illusion
Delboeuf illusion
Ebbinghaus illusion
Ponzo illusion
Moon illusion
Perceived visual angle
Leaning tower illusion
Gravity hill
Ames room
Ames trapezoid
Brocken spectre
Forced perspective
Missing square puzzle
Color and contrast illusions
Color vision
Color constancy
Checker shadow illusion
Chubb illusion
Bezold effect
Benham's top
Fechner color
Cornsweet illusion
Irradiation illusion
Watercolor illusion
White's illusion
Depth illusions
Depth perception
Magic Eye
ASCII stereogram
Wiggle stereoscopy
Pulfrich effect
Motion illusions
Motion perception
Illusory motion
Lilac chaser
Autokinetic effect
Phi phenomenon
Color phi phenomenon
Barberpole illusion
Beta movement
Flash lag illusion
Motion induced blindness
Neon color spreading
Peripheral drift illusion
Spinning Dancer
Stroboscopic effect
Wagon-wheel effect
Swept-plane display
Ternus illusion