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Power Generation Body of Knowledge[edit]

Largest Power Stations in the world[edit]

List of largest power stations in the world
Largest by Technology
List of conventional hydroelectric power stations
Three Gorges Dam
Itaipu Dam
Guri Dam
List of nuclear power stations
Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
Bruce Nuclear Generating Station
Hanul Nuclear Power Plant
List of coal power stations
Taichung Power Plant
Tuoketuo Power Station
Bełchatów Power Station
Fuel Oil
Shoaiba power and desalination plant
Kashima Power Station
Natural Gas
Surgut-2 Power Station
Futtsu Power Station
Solar Photovoltaic
Agua Caliente Solar Project
Gujarat Solar Park
Huanghe Hydropower Golmud Solar Park
Solar Thermal
Solar Energy Generating Systems
Solnova Solar Power Station
Pumped Storage Hydro
List of pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations
Bath County Pumped Storage Station
Huizhou Pumped Storage Power Station
Largest Plant by Country
Mundra Thermal Power Station
Eraring Power Station
Largest Single Unit by Country
Kogan Creek Power Station
Taishan Nuclear Power Plant
William H. Zimmer Power Station
Chooz Nuclear Power Plant