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Acadian French
Anglo-Norman language
Angolan Portuguese
Aragonese language
Aromanian language
Asturian language
Auvergnat dialect
Balearic dialect
Brazilian Portuguese
Burgundian language
Campidanese Sardinian
Catalan language
Corsican language
Dalmatian language
Emilian language
Extremaduran language
Fala language
Franco-Provençal language
French language
Friulian language
Galician language
Gallo language
Gallurese Sardinian language
Guernésiais language
Istriot language
Italian language
Ladin language
Ladino language
Leonese language
Ligurian language
Lombard language
Megleno-Romanian language
Middle French language
Mirandese language
Moldovan language
Mozarabic language
Neapolitan language
Norman language
Occitan language
Old Catalan
Old French
Old Italian
Old Occitan
Old Spanish language
Picard language
Piedmontese language
Portuguese language
Romagnol language
Romanian language
Romansch language
Sardinian language
Sassarese Sardinian language
Shuadit language
Sicilian language
Spanish language
Tarantino language
Venetian language
Walloon language
Zarphatic language
First texts
List of languages by first written accounts
Oaths of Strasbourg
Nodicia de kesos
Glosas Emilianenses